As a fan of Ticket to Ride I was drawn to design my own map for this fabulous boardgame. Following my girlfriend's idea and preference, I chose to carry the Ticket to Ride railroad experience to Australia. Here is the result. I hope you will find it as much fun as I had in designing this special map.



The original high res map is 60cm*80cm and weights 11 MB. Unfortunately this page is currently on a server that only allows files up to 4 MB. This is why the entire file is split in three winrar archives.


download part1.rar

download part2.rar

download part3.rar


Alternatively you can chose to download these six predefined panels (each are sligthly more than 30cm*26.67cm).



Finally, here are the new set of objectives for the map: front (part 1), front (part 2) and back.



The Ticket to Ride US version rules apply.

I had several ideas to add new features and complexity in the Ticket to Ride game. After several simulations, only one idea (:-o) turned out to be good enough to be inserted: the rail switching. That proves, if necessary, that the perfect Ticket to Ride game is still the original one!



The darts on the map show the different possibilities but only one route can be chosen. For instance, given three cities A, B and C linked by a rail switching:


One player may choose to build the following route: A-B or A-C (but not B-C). A rail switching can only be used once. As soon as one route is built, the other is forbidden to every player, even the one who built the route. That is, once A-B (or A-C) is built, noone can play the complementary train cars to join A and C (or A and B).


A rail switching does not severe one route. One player must build any two cities connection entirely at one time. As for the Derby - Halls Creek Newman Lake Carnegie rail switching, two connections can be built by two players (whether different or the same).








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